Dentist for kids McKinney

 Dentist for kids McKinney


Dr. McClure and his staff at McClure Pediatrics strive to ensure that you receive the utmost dental care for your kids. With over 20 years of combined experience between the staff, we are trained to handle any situation that arises. We thoroughly enjoy working with kids and do solely that on a day to day basis. We not only focus on the dental treatment and exams for your kids, but also on educating you as parents on at home care to ensure that your kids grow up to have healthy happy teeth and gums. It is our goal to build a lasting impression with your kids so that they are happy and excited for their next appointment!

Why is Dr. McClure the Best Dentist For Kids in McKinney?

Simply because he’s still a kid at heart too!


With his passion for clean and healthy teeth, Dr McClure loves being a dentist for kids because he has the ability to help teach and develop healthy dental care for children while their small. He understands that if children are to have healthy teeth for their entire lives, then they need to start the habits early! Come on in and let Dr. McClure take care of your kids!

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